IMG_3049Scenic City Clay Arts offers  classes in handbuilding and wheel-thrown pottery. In addition, we have regular one-day workshops on Saturdays. Plan a pottery-based Girls Night Out on a Saturday evening. please call to schedule.

Class Descriptions:

Classes last for either  6 weeks or 8 weeks and instruction fee is $235.00 and $265.00 and includes clay  (25 lbs, includes all firing fees) and a tool set for beginning classes. Course fees also include one free studio session each week during the class. Each class is limited to 6 students for the wheel classes and 8 for handbuilding classes so reserve your spot in our online store

Each class is designed to give you the best possible outcomes, and classes build on the skills learned in previous sessions.

Beginning Wheel: Almost all shapes are based on two fundamental forms: the cylinder and the bowl. Learn how to wedge your clay, how to make cups and bowls, glaze your work.

Intermediate Wheel: An opportunity for potters looking for a quick tune up at the wheel or who would like to continue learning. Students should have prior experience at the wheel either elsewhere or through the Beginning Wheel class.

Beginning Handbuilding will introduce you to many clay techniques from coils, slabs, molds, and alternative methods for producing pottery. Anything made on the wheel can also be produced by hand.

Intermediate Handbuilding:

You will be introduced to more techniques that build on those in beginners class. Working with slabs, patterns, texture and simple mold making.

For all classes, please bring a towel and wear old clothes.

Beginning Wheel Classes

Tuesdays Sept 12th – Oct 17 6p-8:30p, Beginning Wheel with Rekio, 6 Tuesdays Spet 9th – Oct. 17th, 6 pm-9 pm, Cost: $235 Non-members, $188 Members

Wednesdays Sept 13-Oct 18th 2017, Beginning Wheel with Jill Bright , 6 Wednesdays , 6 pm- 8:30 pm, Cost $235 Non-members, $188 Members

Wednesdays Nov 1th – Dec. 6th 2017, Beginning Wheel with Jill Bright, 6 Wednesdays, 6 pm- 8:30 pm, Cost $235 Non-members, $188 Members.

Wednesdays Sept 20th – Oct 25th, Beginning Wheel with Lolly Durant, 6 Wednesdays,11am-1:30pm , Cost $235.00 Non-members, $188.00 Members.

Intermediate Wheel

Thursdays Sept 7th- Oct 26th 6p-8:30p, Intermeiate with Loren Howard“>, 8 Thursdays Spet 7th – Oct. 26th, 6 pm-9 pm, Cost: $265 Non-members, $211 Members

Beginning Hand Building

Thursdays Aug. 31st- Oct 26th 6p-8:30p 8 weeks, Beginning Hand Building with Carrie Ann Parks“>, 8 Thursdays Aug 31st – Oct. 19thh, 6 pm-8:30 pm, Cost: $265 Non-members, $211 Members

One Day No Experience Necessary

Date Night BOYB 6-8pm, Date Night“>, Date night and make your own cup, bowl and plate. You’ll pick your glaze, and you can pick up the finished product 2 weeks later. Bring your own wine, and enjoy an evening out! $90 per couple, limited to 4 couples. Tuesday Aug 22nd 6-8pm – Tuesday Aug 29th 6-8pm and Wednesday Sept 6th 6-8pm

Gift Night Thursday Gift Night Nov 16th 6pm-7:30pm $60.00 make a gift and oranments “>,

GLAZE CHEMISRTY CLASS Oct. 2,9,16 then Oct30th,Nov 6th and 13th.
This is a six week class Topics include States of matter and where glass fits into that model.
Basics of melting points, heat work, cones, eutectics and a phase diagram.
What makes up a glass and what makes glass unique.Reading chemical notations and calculating molar mass of a compound.
Reduction and oxidation states of oxides.
Loss on Ignition.
Frits uses.
Percentage analysis versus Segar formula or Unity formula.
Calculating Segar formula and estimating melting temperature.
Basics of silica / alumina ratio. $300.00 non members and $240.00 members

No Refunds